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Austin Mahone Net Worth: How Rich Is Austin Mahone Right Now?

Austin Carter Mahone: Profile

Name:         Austin Carter Mahone 

Nationality:    San Antonio, Texas, USA

Height:        5 feet 9 inches (1.8m)

Weight:       75 Kg (165 lbs)

Occupation:    Singer-Songwriter and Celebrity.

Genres:       Pop, Dance Pop

Austin Mahone is a famous youngster American singer-songwriter and best celebrity. He worked with the best agencies like Elektra records. Currently, Mahone is performing with Elektra records. Mahone is amongst the best popularity on pop songs on YouTube.

Austin Carter Mahone was born on April 4, 1996, from San Antonio, Texas, USA. Mahone started his professional singing and writing career on posting videos on YouTube. He became famous for performing the best music songs. He got a fantastic job of joining the music industry. 

Austin Mahone Net Worth: $5 Million

In October 2011, Mahone recorded a covering a Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” a video. Mahone released his first single tracks to iTunes. Later on, he released his second single worldwide, “Say Something”. Mahone recorded his officially Chase Republic Records. He generated a high amount of money and became a famous personality.

Mahone contract with the “Teen Ambassador” for Lil Wayne’s Trukfit for fashion clothing. He worked in commercials for McDonald’s, Mexican snacks and Hot Nuts. He charged $30k per commercials. Mahone released a title song “Say You’re Just a Friend.” Later on, Mahone released a song called “What About Love.”

Mahone became MTV’s Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards In July 2013. Mahone released a song called “Banga Banga” as a single promotional track. 

Austin Mahone: Lifestyle


Austin Mahone body is very slim and beautiful. Although being an actor, he likes tattoos on their body. He covered his body with sexy tattoos.


Austin Mahone has luxury cars like BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes. He is considered one of the best youngsters, who have personal luxury cars.


Austin Mahone has a beautiful house in Parkland, Florida, which worth is $3 Million. The apartment consists of 2100 square meters including three-bedroom, three bathrooms, a garage, a beautiful lawn, and an extensive swimming pool.

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